Trempat already wears the distinctive Trepat!


Trempat already wears the distinctive Trepat!

In order to advertise and promote the local grape variety Trepat, the Conca de Barbera has created the distinctive Trepat, which the wineries have already started to implement this year, starting in April 2016. The Regulatory Council wants to strengthen the fact that the Denomination of Origin holds the major part of the world’s production of this variety. The distinctive Trepat will only be allowed for those wines that are properly labelled as single varietal and protected by the DO Conca de Barbera. This will give a guarantee of authenticity from Conca de Barbera, putting to the market these qualities, unique and exclusive wines.

The Trepat is a variety that provides delicate, fruity, fresh and spicy wines with low alcohol. The initiative to create a distinctive for these single varietal wines made with Trepat has its origins in the tradition and culture of wine in this territory with this variety that dates back before the phylloxera. It was in 2004 when the first red wine made with Trepat was released to the market. After 10 years there are more than twenty red wines made with single varietal Trepat, 11 rosé wines and 1 white wine. Currently around 1,100 hectares of Trepat are registered in Conca de Barbera representing almost the worldwide production.

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