Enjoy the world of wine in a Medieval Tower

Would you like a wine tasting?


Vins de Pedra is located in one of the medieval towers placed at the walls of Montblanc. 
Legend has it that it was here where St. Jordi killed the dragon, rescuing all the people and his princess from a certain death. Today the Tower of Tastings is the head office of VIns de Pedra. The place still breathes this legend. Princes and princesses, knights and squires trod these stones a long time ago.


In a vertical route, the seven floors of the tower are visited, from the pantry to the top floor. In this way the story of Marta’s family is revived, which is the history of Montblanc. When you get to the top you can have a magnificent glimpse view of the Conca’s landscape, surrounded by vineyards and grain fields and also the town crowned with the church of Santa Maria la Major. The wine tastes different when it is tasted between stones.

Visits on Saturday morning with previous reservation.
You can book at celler@vinsdepedra.es or by calling at 630405118.


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